Improv On Our Own


We have a specific format we use to do Micetro. This format is fairly new and likely to change.


(Times after 7:45pm are approximate)

From To (time) What
7pm 7:10pm (10 min) Arrival, social time
7:10pm 7:40pm (30 min) Warmups and short-form games
7:40pm 7:45pm Social chatter / break
7:45pm 8:25pm (40 min) FIRST ROUND *
8:25pm 8:30pm Social chatter / break
8:30pm 9:10pm (40 min) SECOND ROUND *
9:10pm 9:15pm Social chatter / break
9:15pm 9:40?? (30? min) Short-form games, cooldown


The requirements are simple:
  • It would be great if everyone shows up by 7pm, but new people MUST arrive by 7pm.

    Anyone who doesn't arrive by 7:45pm will NOT be able to participate in the Micetro rounds, except as an audience member. (Though arriving by 7pm is preferred!)

  • Social chatter time is for chattering.
    Competition rounds are NOT FOR CHATTERING. In the past, we have had way too much talking during the rounds, which is rude and makes it difficult to play.

    As a general rule, if someone is on stage, then your attention should be on stage, not on the person next to you.

Micetro Rounds

Each round goes something like this: Three names are picked from a hat (from the name hat). Those three are on stage.

Three more names are picked, those are the judges (and the next to go on stage).

A game is randomly picked (from the game hat), the players get suggestions and have a scene. The judges end the scene whenever the time seems appropriate, and then the judges give a score to the scene from two to five (five is highest). The combined score is given to each of the players (we're working together here, remember).

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